Topic: Open in a new window doesn't work


I have some problems!
On my homepage is a button, to open Images in a new window.
But it doesn't work.
I also can't resize the images, even if I change the sizes on galleryxml.php
It doesn't care, what size i want to use, anything  fails.
Please help me and excuse my english.  :D

Best regards,

Re: Open in a new window doesn't work

Hi Olli,
I had the same problem, and searched this forum. I tried the simpleviewer galleries on your site, and the "open in new window" links worked ok! The flickr site of the image openend in a new Firefox tab. Did you solve the problem?

I found another thread adressing my problem:
And really the links don't work when I open a gallery thats on my computer. After uploading on my website everything works.