Topic: auto update gallery ?

Hy guys,

I want to buy the Pro version of simple viewer, but I need to check if it does what I am looking for:
I am building a website for a client and he wants a system in which he can upload images in a image folder and those new images would be immediately available in the simpleviewer galery on his website.

This means that the build gallery procedure (via the php script) should be automatically done, for example when loading the page with the gallery...
Is that possible ?

Is it possible to update the gallery every time someone wants to see it ?
for example, run an update script on the home page and then when the user clicks to view to image gallery page, the gallery is up to date ?

I just want to avoid him or me having to run manually the script for updating the gallery...

thanks a lot !

Re: auto update gallery ?

For your use case I would consider using svManager or PHP BuildGallery.

svManager would allow your client to upload images via the svManager UI. BuildGallery requires that you run it after uploading new images.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: auto update gallery ?

Thanks for your answer, but that is not what I would like to do.

The goal is to auto update the gallery from a user/visitor point of view.

I would like to use the BuildGallery PHP script, but the problem is that you have to select the settings in the form and click update to have the gallery updated.

Isn't it possible to put the script in the website (index page) and modify something in it so that the user does not see the form and the gallery is just updated using the default settings. This way, it is invisible the the visitor and when he goes to the gallery page, it is up to date !

Is that possible ? So it is just removing the page with the form for gallery settings and just keep the script updating the gallery with default settings.


Re: auto update gallery ?

When you use the word "visitor" are you talking about your client/website owner or the random visitor from the web? The BuildGallery PHP script is only seen by the website owner and only needs to be run once per change. You could hard code the gallery settings for ease of use. As far as I know no automatic script exists, however you or a dev should able to write a server side script that would watch the image folder for changes and automatically run a buildgallery with predefined settings.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.