Topic: enableRightClickOpen not working

hi there....

first, this is a really great little image tool, thanks felix.

there are two things i would like to ask:

1. enableRightClickOpen is not working in viewer.swf (in pro version); i have tested xml file with the free viewer.swf and enableRightClickOpen is working but when i publish viewer.fla download is not enabled.
is there anything in fla file that needs to be changed?
any pointers welcome

2. it's great to have navigational arrows on the left and right halves of the image; but is it possible to create a button/area at the center of the image that would trigger the image to be opened in a new window?
any help?

thanks in advance

Re: enableRightClickOpen not working

hi there, I am having the same problem with the right click function. I am loading my galleries into another SWF file using the loadmovie function. However, I fear that the right click function falls over when the viwer.swf movie is loaded into another swf, as the viwer.swf on its own does have the right click functionality.

I have made sure my master swf file is the same version of Flash 7...same as the new simpleviwerer pro swf file.

Any ideas as to how to fix other people have this problem?


Re: enableRightClickOpen not working

I just discovered that to have the right click functionality. You need to have your master swf file as a flash 8. Bummer. I was hoping to keep it down at the flash 7 level for now, as flash 8 is still pretty new.

Anyway, hope that helps someone out there.