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I have downloaded the simpleviewer and all works fine offline, i.e in the folders which the simpleviewer is installed into.

However im trying to put the viewer onto my website.  I have read in the FAQ that the swfobject.js file needs to be uploaded to the file manager which i have done.  i have also uploaded the gallery.xml and the index.html file.

Now considering all works fine offline i am guess that the files cant locate the .jpg files as they are locaed within the images and thumbs folder.  I have uploaded the jpg's onto the file manager but it just seems to be a link problem in either the gallery.xml or the html file but i cant find where the viewer "links" to the images and thumbs folder.  Can anyone help me out here?  remember it all works offline so i think the gallery and index.htm files are all ok as the viewer loads fine on the website but its jut full of the big white X's.


Re: X's when trying to host

I'm having a similar problem. I used Adobe Lightroom to create and upload a Simple Viewer gallery. I've checked to see that all the paths are correct. When previewing the gallery in Lightroom, everything loads and functions fine. Once I've published the additions to my website, the Simple Viewer gallery loads, but shows only white X's. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance to whomever can unboggle this!!!

Re: X's when trying to host

im guessing that there are probably more than 2 of us who have had or having this problem.   :D

Re: X's when trying to host

I've been searching other forums as well. I see posts with the same issues, but have yet to find a thread with a solution.

Re: X's when trying to host

Hi please check the FAQ, Q4: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.