Topic: Changing Captions below thumbnails

Your help is greatly appreciated. My question is simple and perhaps naive. I have the Free download version of SimpleViewer and I am wondering how to change the photo caption (that appears below the thumbnails column ) as the caption for the selected larger image defaults to the simple file import title and keeps that annoying ".jpg" file tag after I build my html page. I see only settings for changing the font color, background color, frame thickness, etc

My interface details are the following:
- Mac OS 10.4.10
- Adobe Photoshop CS3 and creating the SimpleViewer page through  Photoshop Scripts

Thank you!

Re: Changing Captions below thumbnails

in the xml file there are two lines for each image


change the caption.

Re: Changing Captions below thumbnails

A sincere thank you, carpetony, for taking the time to respond with the solution.