Topic: HELP ! Blank squares


I have a problem with Postcardviewer :(
It works well on local but when it's transfered by FTP, it doesnt work anymore.

Instead of the pictures we have blank squares !
We have done the test only with one image to fix the bug but with several images it's the same.

Can you help us !


Re: HELP ! Blank squares

Check the image URL that postcard viewer is trying to load actually exists. Check the latter case of the image names exactly match those in the XML document.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: HELP ! Blank squares

All is ok Felix ... the path and the names are correct and exactly rhe same on local site ...
An other idea ?
Is there a way to specify the path ?

Re: HELP ! Blank squares

I have found the solution ...
So I want to share ...
The folder must be images and not IMAGES  :lol: