Topic: captions rolling off while space still available

hi there all,

firstly, love simpleviewer, fantastic piece of nice clean light weight software but i have run into a real problem i am hoping someone may know the answer to.

i am finding when i use long that the captions are scrolling off the bottom of the screen whilst there is still much unused space remaining above the thumbnails where the title is.

( i would attach a pic but i cant due to spam prevention rules on the forum as i have not been registered user for more than 5 days yet. )

is there some way to align the thumbnails to the top of the displayed image such that i can get more space for my captions underneath the thumbnails?

im trying to gauge at this point if this is something that i can fix in html easily or whether i need to get simpleviewer pro or whether this is not fixable at all.

any feedback appreciated

Re: captions rolling off while space still available

Hi mjc,
I am a recent new user of the free download version of SV and have a similar problem to you. A web page has buttons near the top to select pages and some buttons have drop down menus. If I maintain the caption line visible at the foot of the screen, the drop down menues become truncated loosing their lower entries. This appears to be because of the amount of "free space" above the title line. I would seem that reducing that area would solve both our problems by freeing up more vertical screen space. I hope that someone out there can offer a solution.

Re: captions rolling off while space still available


you have 2 options to fit long captions in the SimpleViewer SWF:

1) Make the SimpleViewer SWF taller to accomadate the caption text. Set the height in the HTML code.

2) Purchase and modify SimpleViewer-PRO to move the thumbnails and captions up.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.