Topic: Upgrading to SV-Pro in LightRoom

My wife is a photographer and uses LR and wants to use the SV template for her site. So she bought the pro edition to get rid of the promo button and I read the instructions for placing the viewer.swf;

On Mac it will be /Applications/Adobe Web.agmodule/Contents/Resources/galleries/simpleviewer.lrwebengine

and the problem is /Applications/Adobe is not a folder, it's an app so I can't drill down any further. I have run a search on the driver for some of the folder names or items with no luck. I thought it must be not installed correctly so I reinstalled LR. What am I missing here? No one else seems to have an issue with this in this forum - so it must be me. And I have been using a MAC since *before* 1984 and work for a tech company - which probably confirms it must be me...please advise. Tx

Re: Upgrading to SV-Pro in LightRoom


I'm not a mac guy but I think there is a way to browse inside an app using option click or similar.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Upgrading to SV-Pro in LightRoom

Right-click (or ctrl-click) the Adobe, and select "Show Package Contents". This will allow you to look "inside" the app and find the directory you need. Do the same for Web.agmodule and simpleviewer.lrwebengine.
This should work.