Topic: stagemanager error in republishing viewer


Some time ago I made som SV galleries that display fine after having republished the viewer.swf.

Now, I want to republish a new viewer.swf (with different publish settings) but I get a compile error that looks like this:

Scene=Scen1, layer=actions, frame=30, Line 3

The class or interface 'StageManager' could not be loaded.

var sm:StageManager = StageManager.getInstance();         

In the compiler error panel, I get the option of "go to source". When I click on that, here's what I get in the action-frame panel:

//Create instance of StageManager class
import com.airtightinteractive.apps.viewers.simpleViewer.*
var sm:StageManager = StageManager.getInstance();         
sm.init(this); //start her up!

According to the compiler error panel, the error shoud be in Line 3, but I don't know enough flash in order to tell what is wrong.

The behavior of the resulting viewer.swf is that the preloader enters a loop. So when it finishes loading the images, it begins all over again. Thus, it is not possible to see the images.

Can someone help me?

thanks in advance

Re: stagemanager error in republishing viewer

The class or interface 'StageManager' could not be loaded.

This means Flash cannot find the actionscript classes that are used by SimpleViewer. The FLA needs to stay in the 'source' folder with the 'com' folder next to it.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: stagemanager error in republishing viewer

Hi Felix,

Thank you for your quick answer. I double-checked what you suggested, but the FLA file is placed where it is supposed to be. And I still am not able to republish the viewer. It is the same error.

When I published the viewer a couple of months ago, I did two types of gallery-layouts. In order to do not need to change all the parameters everytime I added pictures to each type of gallery, I copied the whole simpleviewer folder and made the customizations of the scripts and so one separately.

This means, that each folder has its own FLA, and own Anyway, I get the exact same problem when I try to use either one of the FLA files.

Anything else I should be checking? Is there a solution to this?

Thanks for your help

Re: stagemanager error in republishing viewer


Still trying to deal with the problem I had, I saw in another post something about deleting the ASO files. I tried that, and now Flash CS3 is able to republish the new viewer. It seems that somwhere in the way I lost the layout of my gallery, but I guess it is just sitting with the customization files a couple of hours again and redoit.

Thank you for helping.