Topic: fade movieclip over tiltviewer

i purchased your wonderful viewer and have the following questions:

how can i

(1) fade in a movieclip over tiltviewer? it seems that tiltviewer is always on top.


(2) fadeout tiltviewer

thank you for your help.

Re: fade movieclip over tiltviewer

i purchased tiltviewer pro and i am happy so far. i embedded it in my flash project and it works fine. the problem i have is that tiltviewer appears to be always on the top level - if i place another  movie in the top layer of my flash project tiltviewer stays above it. so my question is

how can i put something over tiltviewer in flash


how can i stop tiltviewer per as3

any help would be great. thank you.

Re: fade movieclip over tiltviewer

Please check the flash_embed.fla example in the Pro 'flash_embed' folder. The green button at top-left sits over the tiltviewer.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.