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Hi. I've recently downloaded SimpleViewer for a series of image galleries that I want to create. The idea of it seems great: flexible + easy to use. In fact, it has been great - except that it doesn't work live. I've looked at past postings, have followed all instructions, but still can't make it work properly. I need some help.

Here's what I've got:
- I'm working on a Mac using CS3, and (ideally) I want these galleries embedded within existing html files.
- I've downloaded the PhotoShop script, and added the unzipped folder into PhotoShop - Presets - Scripts as per the instructions.
- I've prepared a test folder with several images, all named (1.jpg, 2.jpg, etc) and saved (proper filenames, "non-progresive") as instructed.
- Through PhotoShop, I generated the new gallery - the new contents are added to an empty output folder that I made prior.
- Within Dreamweaver, I test the index file locally on my browsers (Safari, Firefox, Opera). Everything looks/works great. Note: This test file is exactly as per the default settings - I have not customized this at all.
- I upload this test gallery, using Fetch, to my website.
- I test live on my browsers, and they all show the same result: the default charcoal background color - and nothing else. Right clicking opens a window that reveals that it is a Flash file ("About Adobe Flash Player 9..."). Also appearing, but greyed out, is "Movie not loaded...".

As mentioned, I've gone through the FAQ, and through several months of postings. It seems like many other people have had similar issues, though I still can't seem to make this work even though I've tried to follow all instruction (again, checking filenames, checking image folders, ensuring that the HotLink Protection is disabled, downloading and installing the script again...). Maybe I'm missing something in the process? Maybe I should try another way of generating the galleries? I'd hate to have to continue the search for finding another gallery - because this is exactly what I want - but I'm not sure what else to do. I'd greatly appreciate whatever help/advise I can get.


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I know this sounds silly, but have you reset your cache?

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Yes, I did - several times, but thanks for your feedback. Turns out though, that I actually solved the problem shortly after I posted - and the answer was found in an earlier posting, I somehow just missed it.

Since everything worked fine locally, but didn't work live, I figured that the issue must have to do with the transfer process. So instead of uploading the files using Fetch, I took the more painstaking route of uploading (file by file - for some reason, you can't upload whole folders) via the control panel of the hosting company. The live test displayed fine in all browsers.

So now it's just a matter of taking this test gallery, adjusting it as per my needs, placing it within the existing html, and trying it again.
Fingers crossed...

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how do you link all the files created together to make it all work though?  i use iweb and can link to a file but not a folder.  any thoughts?!

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I just posted today (Gallery not visible in browser).  Did you get a response that helped (from anywhere/one).  I thought I was going insane. What gives?

Do we need to upload some missing component to our servers?

Any help is appreciated in advance!

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Did uploading not via fetch work?  I uploaded via fetch and it looks like my files are all there...


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