Topic: WOW, Lots of Questions

I just found TiltViewer through JAlbum. I messed with it as a "skin" to JAlbum but decided to get the Pro version. We are looking to use it as our website but there are some questions that I need to look into first.
I know some of these have been discussed here in the past but I am actually looking to purchase these changes if at all possible. We have been looking into a custom Flash site and by the time I spend the money with a Flash Developer I could probably pay to have TiltViewer customized? Yes, no, maybe?
Wee as I said, these are all items I'd like to "purchase" from a developer if possible:

- Drop shadows below the photos (interactive, just like the images). Not to be confused with an html image in the background.

- Change the arrows and "reload" images. We are a design firm that cares very much about the design factor. Not to be rude or upset anyone, but the icons just don't cut it for us.

- I think this one is the most difficult of my questions, but I would love it if there could be another image on the back of the images (when flipped), or maybe an html file? I would like more control of the backside of the images. As I said that's probably the hard one so it's also at the bottom of my list.

As I said, I know most of these have been discussed here before, but I am willing to pay for the development time to change some things.

Thanks in advance!

Re: WOW, Lots of Questions


customizing TiltViewer beyond the Pro-options requires licensing the source code. Please contact me to discuss:

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.