Topic: Adding My SV Galleries to HTML


I'm no HTML genius but I built a website (which is not online yet), but I wanna insert my SV galleries to it.

Now, what needs to be done is this:

I wanna add thumbnails on the website which lead to the SV galleries.
Is this possible?? If so, how?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Adding My SV Galleries to HTML

That's how my site is set up.  I just make each gallery a new html page, (you can rename the index.html page of any gallery to whatever you want.)  Then on your thumbnail page, just make the thumbnail point to that page.  Here's an example from my page:

This is the thumbnail joel7.jpg pointing to joel garson.htm

      <td align="center"><a href="joel_garson.htm">
    <img border="0" src="/joel/thumbnails/joel7.jpg" xthumbnail-orig-image="/joel/images/joel7.jpg" width="170" height="118"></a></td

Hope that helps!