Topic: problems with linkage

Hi, it's my fist topic in this forum. Compliments for all the templates you've projected for us!
I'm working with AutoViewer
I have a problem: I have to put in a "main.swf" file a reference to "autoviewer.swf" by McLoader.LoadClip

All is perfect when I put the "autoviewer.swf" file with gallery.xml and swfobject.js in the same directory of the "main.swf" file.
If I put the "autoviewer.swf" in another directory I can't see the images inside the file.
But if I open the "autoviewer.swf" file from its own directory the file works perfectly.

Can anyone help me?

PS: in gallery.xml all the images are linked perfectly.


Re: problems with linkage

Use the 'xmlURL' option to point to your gallery.xml file relative to the embedding HTML page: … tions.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.