Topic: Gallery not showing in IE 6 or 7

The gallery shows in Firefox, but not in Internet explorer.

The integrity of the gallery folder is maintained, but I am calling the xml file from above the gallery folder.

Accessing the view.swf file directly in IE displays the movie. Accessing the movie through the index.html file within the gallery folder displays the movie.

When trying to view the movie from above the gallery directory, I the flash displays, "gallery not found". So it's apparent that the path to the SWF file is correct.

It obviously has to do with the XML file path–If it were just the thumb paths, it would show Xs in place of the thumbnails. The odd thing is that the xml path is pointing to the same directory as the SWF file.

I've re-uploaded all files multiple times and cleared the IE cache between viewings and I still am unable to see it in IE. I've tried using relative and absolute paths.

Here... I'll give you the path, but can you remove the following line after the issue is resolved?

rds.chicoartists dot com

Thanks for your input.

Re: Gallery not showing in IE 6 or 7

Any ideas?

Re: Gallery not showing in IE 6 or 7

Got it...

There wasn't a javascript error, but it was a conflict with another function.