Topic: No Images in IE7, FF is Fine (PostCardViewer 1.2)

Like others in the forum, PostcardViewer 1.2 is working great in Firefox, but it's not showing any images in IE7.  The flash object loads because I can see the background color (which I have set to #181818 on a black page) but no pictures.  I read in the SimpleViewer FAQ that an older version of that code had a similar problem.  Is this something that's buggy in 1.2? 

You can see this at wwwDOTsealedglassphotoDOTcom

Any help much appreciated.  Thanks!

Re: No Images in IE7, FF is Fine (PostCardViewer 1.2)

Do you have hotlink protection enabled on your webserver? (check with your server admin)

Since your swf is hosted on and the images are on, your server is not allowing the SWF to load the images. The solution is to move the swf and the images on the same server, or disable hotlink protection.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.