Topic: title captions on multiple galleries

i'm quickly trying to get to grips with setting up SV pro with multiple galleries - i'm building a resource gallery for some history teachers which will be on CD, so it will autoload the swf.

don't know if i'm doing it right, but I'm using the multiplegallery.fla and changing to how i need it.

the first problem i'm having is the captions and titles aren't on the multiple galleries. i've put an example but got an error when i posted


Re: title captions on multiple galleries

(further to above)

in the multiple gallery  i used as a template, there is no 'title' or 'caption' movie clip,

when i copied them and pasted them from the simpleviewer.fla in source folder they don't appear?

Re: title captions on multiple galleries

it's took longer than hoped trying to get how all the folders worked, and no amount of searching on the forums seems to provide any definitive introduction to how the folders, .swfs relate to each other -

anyhow still left with the same proble - no captions/titles in the multigallery though the viewer.swf created by simpleviewer.fla that I've placed in the same folder does have title/captions???

Re: title captions on multiple galleries

Bloody ell! found out what it was, after coming across the information that 'system fonts dont work with masks'...though I'd remove the mask from the multiple galleries.fla and voila captions/text appeared!