Topic: Visual separation of thumb area and main image desirable

First, congrats on a beautiful piece of work.

I have an artist client who is disturbed by the visual proximity of the thumb area to the image stage.  The thumbs steal the eye's attention from the main image, detracting from the experience of the piece in question.

An obvious solution is to turn off the thumb area, but this makes navigation tedious.

A solution I thought of is to modify the code to allow the thumb area to either disappear or go some alpha percent when the mouse is not over it.  Yet another approach (suggested by the artist) is to show all thumbs in grayscale except the one (if any) the mouse is over.  Obviously these two approaches can be done in combination.

Do you have any advice on this subject?  Are there any other approaches I'm overlooking to create visual separation of image and thumb area?


Re: Visual separation of thumb area and main image desirable

You can increase the spacing between the main image and the thumbs with the 'navPadding' XML option: … tions.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.