Topic: rectangular thumbnails possible?

I understand how to change the size of the thumbs, but can the thumbnails be a rectangle and not a square. I can make the frame a rectangle, but the image stays square.  Ideas?

Re: rectangular thumbnails possible?

Well, I'm glad that with my limited experience I see something I can help with.

The solution to this is simple.  I've experimented with this recently.

You'll need to open up and look for this (on lines 30 and 31):

static var thumbnailWidth:Number = 65; //pixels
static var thumbnailHeight:Number = 65; //pixels

All you have to do is adjust the numbers to your liking.  65 x 65 is the default.  If you want rectangular, make one number larger or small than the other.

Re: rectangular thumbnails possible?

thanks for the reply.  However, that still doesn't seem to change the actual thumbnail image.  It only seems to change the "frarme" around the thumbs.  I assume, in the automated process that creates the thumbnail images, it crops them to be square. Atleast when i've tried to change it in "options," that's the result.  thanks.

Re: rectangular thumbnails possible?

You may need to make the thumbnails yourself (to preserve aspect ratio) to get them to look right.  A 65 x 65 thumbnail (where the actual original graphic is those dimensions) will look messed up if the script is distorting it to be 10 x 50, for instance.

I might still be missing your problem, so let me know.