Topic: Customize Lightroom Template + Gallery Image Sizes

Hey there Felix and others!

It was easy enough to update/upgrade the viewer.swf to get rid of the download link. Nice.

If we replace the other files in the Lightroom template with our custom files (tweaked gallery.xml, index.html, etc), should we expect Lightroom to generate nice, customized galleries for us? :)

What about being able to have landscape images that take full advantage of a montor's width (obviously larger than it's height) without generating portrait images that end up too tall and therefore have to be shrunk down when the gallery displays? I'd like to have landscapes that are 750x500 (so I'd pick 750 in Lightroom) but that generates portraits that are 750 tall when they'd be perfect at 500 tall; now they get resized. Within Lightroom, it would be really awesome to have the option to make landscape images at one size, portrait images at another. We'd have big landscapes and properly sized portraits. Dig?

Props on getting such tight integration with Lightroom - has to be rewarding to be working with Adobe, I'd imagine. Cheers and continued success.

Re: Customize Lightroom Template + Gallery Image Sizes

hey photopunk,

I have exactly the same question. Did you manage to find out a way to do this? The only way i can think of is have lightroom build the gallery for the as normal, then reexport the portaits from lightroom at the correct size and over-write the ones in the image folder...!

Would be great to have an option for longest edge size for portrait and landscape in lightroom this would solve so many issues with page structure, my portrait images are shrunk to fit in my 1024x768 page size and so loose clarity... however i built the page as a liquid CSS so on a larger monitor they show fine... problem is most people have the lower resolution when view the site.

Let me know if you found anything.