Topic: xmlURL does not seem to be working


I've gotten the gallery to work fine on a single page. Nicest gallery I've ever had on my site, by the way ;-)

Now I want to display a different gallery on another page, but in the same directory (*). So I wrote a new .xml file, called (say) new.xml and added this code to newpage.html:

fo.addVariable("xmlURL", "new.xml");

as instructed somewhere on your site, which does not work. Only gallery.xml is loaded. If I temporarily rename new.xml to gallery.xml it shows my new gallery just fine.

So I humbly submit that xmlURL is for decorative purposes only, unless someone tells me different ;-)

(* this is important, because otherwise I need to change a whole bunch of code in the template)

To wit:
www moeshoeve nl/kameratest html
should show a gallery defined in:
www moeshoeve nl/kamera xml
but shows:
www moeshoeve nl/gallery xml
as seen on
www moeshoeve nl/foto html

(please note: dots have been replaced with a space as instructed in the forum f.a.q.)