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I've seen this question on the forum, but it wasn't answered...

I want to add a hyperlink to the main image so that when clicked the user is sent to another web page on my site, with the file name attached as a querystring.

As an alternative, the link can be separate and below SimpleViewer (like the link in the standard version of SV). Again found a thread in the forums, but the linkURL referred to doesn't exist in my file.

As ever, any assitance much appreciated!


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If you are working in Flash, make a button and use this actionscript in the timeline:

on (press) {

Hope this helps.

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Many thanks for a prompt response!

I'll give it a go, although I'm no Flash expert...!!

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Greetings all!
    I would love to be able to add links to the main images in simpleviewer.  However, like rogerc024, I am no flash expert.  Could someone spell out step by step how to create this Flash button and where it needs to be incorporated in simpleviewer?   
   Specifically, here is what I need to do: A sample gallery from my website is given below.  I want to link the picture of the chameleon to a corresponding page in my webstore (currently this link is contained in the caption).  Then, if you scroll to the next image of the cheetah cubs, I need another link which leads to another page in the webstore.  Then the third picture of the zebra should be a link which leads to yet another page in the webstore. 
   Hope this is clear and that some one can help out with some clues.

Many many thanks!


www joshuacripps com/galleries/thewildkingdom/thewildkingdom html

Re: Add A HyperLink to the Main Image

I'd actually love to get some assistance with this as well..

Adding a button isn't too difficult, but the way simpleviewer is setup in the FLA, it's not flash-noob-intuitive.

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Are there any updates on this?

I am perfectly able to make the button, but I don't quite get how to add that button to the stage, when simple viewer loads.

I created a button called "mainlink" but that doesn't seem to be working.

I'd really appreciate someone giving some information for those of us who aren't very familiar with this.