Topic: Linking A Logo - "get URL" AS3...?

Hi All,

Customizing TiltViewer Pro - using a container.swf to load company logo with the TiltViewer, got that far! (thanks to Felix in last post!).

But, this is written in AS3 which I am still new too - so I have searched online to get simple get U R  L code that links to any h t m l page - but, the get U R L function is gone in AS3. I found this code below and it works (created new AS3 Flash file and tried it out with colored boxes) But, not in the TiltViewer, or I can't get it too work. Anyone know why?

The logo is in a movie clip called mcBkgnd, same instance name, and the logo is inside mcBkgnd movie clip, instance name logo_mc, this code is on Scene 1, actions layer, 1st frame - where the rest of the code is at.

Here is the code -

mcBkgnd.logo_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, mouseDownHandler);

function mouseDownHandler(event:MouseEvent):void {
navigateTo U R L (new U R L Request("h t t p w w w dot google dot com/"));

NOTE - U R L spaced out for posting reasons only

Anyone know what's wrong here...? and/or how to do a simple link in AS3 with TiltViewer Pro?

BDG Team