Topic: Increase amont of image in thumbnails

Is it possible to show a mini version of an image in the thumbnail? Can you increase or decrease how much of an image is shown in a thumbnail?

Re: Increase amont of image in thumbnails

If you manually create your thumbs, you can alter them by batch processing with a command. Not sure of your question, hope that helps.


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Re: Increase amont of image in thumbnails

I mean that I want to know if I can change the magnification of the image segment of the main image that appears in the thumbnail, and where the thumbnail is oriented when it shows a segment of teh main image.

Re: Increase amont of image in thumbnails

When your thumbnails are created, with a program like picasa, they crop the image more than they do shrink them. So in some cases a thumbnail doesn't show the part of the main image that you want. You can manually create the thumbnails and add them to the respective folders and alter the XML. To do this you need an image processing program. I always use Fireworks, or Photoshop. In there you can shrink the entire image to 45 x 45 px, or you can crop it to those dimensions including the part of the image that you wish to be shown. Good luck.

Re: Increase amont of image in thumbnails

Since my galleries are usually high flow i use acd see for editing, i can create a new gallery in about 2 min, editing photos takes bulk of the time.

workflow is as this
1. copy gallery template folder
2. rename index.html to "radiumracejuly2005.html" as example
3. Edit imagedata.xml (edit title), add/delete number of image tags     depending on how many images are in folders. *all images are 1.JPG, 2.JPG,  etc.  This way no renaming is needed.
3. Copy high res photos to image & thumbs folder.
4. edit/crop thumbs folder zoom/isolate images., save files, resize to 48X48, rename to 1.JPG, 2.JPG 3.JPG etc..
5. resize images in images folder to 480x480 to 1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG etc..

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