Topic: Can't get thumbnails to move from the left??

I'm using Simpleviewer and Flickrviewer and all are working in that it is showing all my photos from my Flickr account.

However I can't seem to get the thumbnails to be anywhere other than on the  left.

The instructions say that to move the thumbnails simply change the $navPosition value in the flickrviewer.php file. I've set mine too:

$navPosition = 'top';

But still the thumbnails appear on the left. I've tried clearing my browsers cache, used 2 different browsers and 2 different computers (1x Mac, 1x PC) but this makes no difference.

I then took a look at the gallery.xml file (which shouldnt be used as it's pulling in photos from Flickr and not from a local folder) and set the navposition to top in that too but, as expected, that made no difference.

How can I get the thumbnails to move???

Re: Can't get thumbnails to move from the left??

whats the URL? (When posting URLs replace dots with spaces)

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Can't get thumbnails to move from the left??

The address is:

dev peakoverload com(slash)gallery html

As this is a subdomain of my main site, where I am currently developing my new site, don't add www to the front of these addresses. At this address I have Simpleviewer/Flickrviewer running under a wrapper but the same problem occurs if I access the gallery directly using the address below so I know it has nothing to do with the wrapper.

dev peakoverload com(slash)gallery(slash)pride(slash)index html

I've been having so many problems with this but last night got it working for a couple of minutes. By this I mean that I re-uploaded all the simpleviewer files (overwriting the same ones used by Flickrview) and suddenly the thumbnails DID appear at the top. However the images shown where the default ones and not the ones from my Flickr account for obvious reasons. When I then re-uploaded the Flickrview files my Flickr photos then appeared but the thumbnails returned to the left and can't be moved.

Looking into this further I found that the xml file in the tmp directory was still set to have the thumbnails on the left so it would appear that the flickrviewer.php file isn't correctly writing the settings to the XML file. I then tried editing the XML file in the tmp directory but this didn't work either. I've tried changing the permissions on all files but this made no difference.

At the moment I've re-installed everything from scratch and have the flickrview.php file set to place the thumbnails on the left just so that I can at least display some photos whilst I get on with other stuff but I would like to be able to move the thumbnails to either the top or bottom before i make the site live. If you want me to change any settings then just let me know.

Re: Can't get thumbnails to move from the left??

Can't you just change 'navPosition="left"' to 'navPosition="top"' in ?

I'm not that familiar with FlickrViewer. If you are having issues with it, please contact the plugin author.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Can't get thumbnails to move from the left??

Flickrview doesnt use the gallery.xml file because it pulls in files from Flickr and not from local files.

Have contacted the author but heard nothing back

Re: Can't get thumbnails to move from the left??

You need to edit the flickrViewer.php file.

At about line 257 you should find the following:

/* Generate the XML OUT */
$xmlout = '<?xm' . 'l version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>';
$xmlout .= '<!-- Last updated&#58; ' . date&#40;"r"&#41; . ' -->';
    title="' . $title . '"