Topic: Autoviewer PRO - Inital Brightness

Hi everyone,

Ok - I am going to try and make sense -

In autoviewer pro, instead of having the first image light up, is there anyway of making the "middle" image on screen that one that is lit up as the gallery scrolls?  In other words, is there a way to have the image in the middle of the screen light up instead of the first one?  I have "static var leftAlignImages" set to true as I like how the images suck to the left much better than when it is set to false but in saying that, I was wondering if there was a way to make the "middle" image the one that lights up all the time as the gallery moves from left to right.  I do understand that if you have a variety of image sizes this may look odd but if I use the same size photos in the gallery, it might look really sweet.  Can anyone help?

Thanks again Felix - your work is WICKED!

Re: Autoviewer PRO - Inital Brightness

if you have found the solution can you help me as i have the same problem of aligning the image to the left but making the middle image to highlight