Topic: Right-click "Full Screen" Question

Hi everyone,

Using Tiltviewer Pro, is there a way to link to the "Full Screen" option without having to use the right-click feature?  What I am after is this - instead of relying on the end user to use the right-click funtion to view "Full Screen", I would like to add a text link within the page that says, "Click here to view the gallery full screen".  Catch my drift?

Tiltviewer is wicked and so is the full screen option but I know a lot of people that had no clue that the full screen option was available without me having to describe it in full on the actual page that has the viewer embedded in it.

Thanks for listening!

Re: Right-click "Full Screen" Question

Yes, I am also after this feature.  Anyone have an answer?

Re: Right-click "Full Screen" Question

I am also VERY interested if this would be possible. I too agree that the full screen option is too awesome to go by unnoticed.

Felix, please let us pro users know if this could possibly be enabled for us.