Topic: TV Problems in Firefox

Hi - first off i'd like to thank you for making your great script available it really makes a site sing

I am however striking a small problem with firefox (win xp pro) which doesn't occur in IE & i haven't seen this issue reported

i have embedded tiltviewer pro into a page but it makes the right hand scroll bar disappear and the text placed below cannot be seen - as i said this isn't the case using IE - i have tried numerous things but i can't seem to correct this can you please advise if there is a fix / param setting i need to make to get this to work - regards Anthony

www   anthonyroach  com  au/index-test.html

Re: TV Problems in Firefox

Remove this from the CSS:

overflow: hidden;
Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: TV Problems in Firefox

like a charm - thnx