Topic: AutoViewer with Zoom In / Out Ability

Is there a way to integrate the zoom behavior found in PostcardViewer / TiltViewer into AutoViewer? I need this ability in AutoViewer where a user can click on an image that's in view and have it zoom in for further detail. Then to zoom out the user just clicks on the image again (just like in PostcardViewer)... the user can continue to browse AutoViewer in zoom mode by clicking on images to the left or the right. If this can be done, it would be such a valuable add-on to AutoViewer. Then people would stop trying to integrate slow-ass Lightbox or other scripts with AV.

I just got AutoViewer Pro this morning and I am wondering if I should purchase PostcardViewer Pro to attempt this integration, but I know nothing about customizing AV or PV. Does anyone know if this can be done? Perhaps it would be easier to take PostcardViewer and make it behave like AutoViewer instead? Couldn't we just modify PV's viewer.swf or AV's autoviewer.swf and then adding zoomOutPerc="15" zoomInPerc="100" into gallery.xml?

Has anyone tried this before?
Thanks, Robert