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I am using TiltViewer-Pro.

In tiltviewer_pro/flash_embed/flash_embed.fla,I made 1150px X 800px area for the tiltviewer and put 1150px X 450px background image (distribute top edge) in there. But when I preview in SWF, the image was expanded (it seems to be 800px background image instead of 450px). Why is background image expanded? I want to keep 450px size for background image. I put the company logo in this image, so if the image was expanded for preview, the logo would be broken (bad quality).


Re: Tiltviewer pro & background image

Check the Actionscript in the first frame of the embed example FLA. By default the background image is resized to fill the swf size. To avoid this, comment out the 'example background resizing code' at the bottom of the script.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Tiltviewer pro & background image

Thank you very much. I can do that.