Topic: Thumbnail rows and columns help!

Hi, I've just purchased sv-pro and have started building some test galleries. Great product.

I'm having some trouble with thumbnail layout. My gallery has 9 images, and I want these displayed as 3 images per column, and 3 images per row, but with only two columns displayed at a time, and scrolling to a third one.

So, I've set my xml file to thumbnailColumns="2" thumbnailRows="3"

which should display two columns with three images each, which it does for the first two, but then when I scroll I get two extra columns, one with two images and one with one. This should be a single column of three, giving a 3x3 grid with two columns showing at once.

To show you what I mean: www simpleviewer rodrickbond com

The last column is giving me:


instead of


which is what I want.

Any ideas?




Re: Thumbnail rows and columns help!


Re: Thumbnail rows and columns help!

hmm yeah you're right, the thumbnails load left to right so I'm pretty much screwed unless I have an even number of columns.

For the record, I don't think left to right is the way to go... just my .02c. Most visual people would read a grid of images downwards rather than across I think, and it really does spoil the clean layout if you're going for a grid of thumbnails with an odd number of columns.

In the end I've trimmed off an image leaving 2 cols x 4. Looks much neater, but no scrolling which is a shame.