Topic: Add auto link in caption text?

Is there a way to edit the caption code to automatically link to images in a specific folder? 

    //init text    
        if (Options.showCaptions && mThumbArea.pageSize > 0){            
            mCaption_mc = mClip_mc.attachMovie("Caption","mcCaption",mClip_mc.getNextHighestDepth());
            if (!Options.fixedLayout) mCaption_mc.txtText.autoSize = true;
            mCaption_mc.txtText.wordWrap = true;
            var col2 = new Color(mCaption_mc);

Lets say I add a folder titled "enlarged" in all my gallery locations with all my images that are bigger than the gallery image itself.  So I have an enlarged image link of the gallery photos (let's call it image01.jpg) current image in the caption for each image.  It would be a link to a popup showing a larger image of image01.jpg to view it in further detail.

Is this possible to add code to automatically do this and all I have to do is add the enlarged photo folder??


Re: Add auto link in caption text?

Any help??  Please!  I need to get this figured out.  Thanks