Topic: mouseover or a combination of Auto&Simple Viewers


I would love to see the resulting of a combination of SimpleViewer and AutoViewer.
SimpleViewer being the base, and whenever the user move the mouse over the image (not thumbnail), the display turns into a large single image (similar to AutoViewer) or into an automatic Slideshow identical to AutoViewer, this to allow the user to blow-up and have a full page on the image he wishes to see better, with an ESC. button.
keeping the design as sober as it is now.
maybe some experienced users can do it themselves ?
do you have a lead ?



Re: mouseover or a combination of Auto&Simple Viewers

Slideshow/AutoPlay mode has been added in SimpleViewer-Pro v1.9. Pro users can use their original download link to get the latest files.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.