Topic: big original picture - problem solution!


I've been struggling with the problem that cameras take big sized pictures (both file size and resolution) so SimpleViewer itself is very slow when showing the gallery and it chalks.

So I edited buildgallery.php
(- shows part of the original line, + shows part of the new line):

-               $xml .= '<CAPTION><![CDATA[<A href="images/'.$key.'" target="_blank">
+               $xml .= '<CAPTION><![CDATA[<A href="origimg/'.$key.'" target="_blank">

Then I moved all the original big photo files into an "origimg" directory I created next to "images" and I converted the images to 800x600:

cd origimg
for I in *jpg; do convert -geometry 800x $I ../images/$I ; done

(Please note that the procedure above does not work for rotated images. For those, you'll have to convert the rotated images separately)

Finally I ran buildgallery.php and now the gallery is much faster while the caption allows the visitor to access the original pictures.