Topic: folder description from picasa

Hi there,

is there any way to export the fold description of my gallery from picasa to simple viewer? i have tried to search the forum but there is no solution of that.

I also tried to change the (title="<%exportDescription%>") in the header.xml to (title="<%folderDescription%>") but it's not working.

is there anything way to get my folder description export?

please help, thanks a lot!

Re: folder description from picasa

Not sure if this is possible with Picasa export. You can edit the generated gallery.xml to change the gallery title to whatever you want.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: folder description from picasa

thx for yr reply felix.

i mean the caption right above the thumbnails, becoz i got that worked before with a previous version of simpleviewer but after i formatted my pc and downloaded the new version, i just can't get that work again.

still thx a lot if editing the generated gallery.xml is the only solution.   ;)

Re: folder description from picasa

o, felix, for yr information, the msg i got from the generated gallery.xml after i changed the head.xml to (title="<%folderDescription%>") was

folderDescription UNDEFINED (9)

see if you can help. thx again!