Topic: Advice on creating a basic website with my Autoviewer

A newbie here.

I've managed to create the autoviewer side of things OK. Now I'd like to feature it in a pretty basic site.

I'm keen on the style of something like this:
mawsonsnet dot co dot uk

At this stage I don't need so many pages- but it's more the look and feel I'm after.

Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction as to how to create something like this. Preferably in as simple (non-technical) language as possible! And preferably using free tools if that's possible. Without Dreamweaver/Front Page etc. can this be done? Excuse my ignorance!

Appreciate this may not be the forum for questions like this, but all help greatly appreciated.

Re: Advice on creating a basic website with my Autoviewer

Yep, I've always thought this would be a good little link for someone.

Just a template for a header (name and title)
then a set of pages (bio, contact, portfolio etc)
Autoviewer section
then a footer (copyright  etc)

Come on you clever so and so's

Its beyond me also but I'd be most grateful. Well not that grateful, I have standards you know.