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I am using Lightroom/dreamweaver to build. Everything works fine until I try to view on local webserver. I am using XAMPP which is software that runs Apache server on a windows machine for testing before you publish to remote ISP. Now when I double click "viewer dot swf" in the root of the server (where all the other files are), flash player 9 loads and simple viewer runs fine. But when I follow insturctions in troubleshooting for "insert SimpleViewer into a pre-existing HTML page" (index.html)  I get X's for all the images. If I right click the X for the large image and open in new window I see the path as "localhost/images/images/CIMG1820 dot jpg". All the large images are in /images and remember it works when I click viewer dot swf directly!!.  OK so I can fix the large image by moving them into the images/images but I cannot see where to put the thumbnails. I am not sure why dreamweaver is asking for /images/images/ directory when all the images are in /images.

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what does your gallery.xml look like? im thinking that you have specifed images/ and thumbs/ in your gallery.xml and you dont need to. Can you post it here or a link to your gallery? Thanks!

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I would be very interested in finding the solution to this, as I have the same exact problem.  Except, now I AM getting thumbnails to show up BUT SOME OF THE IMAGES DO NOT SHOW AT ALL!  It's as if Simple Viewer decides which photos it will display and not display.  (I have around 100 photos, and it's displaying about 70 or 80.)

See here:

thefullquiver dot com/photoalbum dot html

Thanks in advance for anything you can offer.

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The FAQ says to limit a gallery to 50 images or less. Split it up.

Also check to see if you are using the option to rebuild all thumbs every time. I had that turned on at first (on is when its set to TRUE). Make sure its false and rebuild them.

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jtp755 could be right in suggesting that you may have imagePath="images/" in your 'gallery.xml' file when it may not be necessary.
Try imagePath="" or imagePath="./" instead.

@ TuneMyHeart

In your 'gallery.xml' file, replace:

imagePath=" Viewer/images" thumbPath=" Viewer/thumbs"


imagePath=" Viewer/images/" thumbPath=" Viewer/thumbs/"

(ie. each path must have a trailing forward slash).

NB The paths can be relative as well as absolute.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team