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been using svmanager for awhile now on another site and i love it. however, i just uploaded it to a new site and i'm having a problem. galleries are made and images seem to upload and all just fine. folders are created for images and thumbs. but from the admin, when i click "view", none of the images show up. i dont get the white Xs or anything. the loader bar goes and then nothing. i've tried reinstalling it and tried new galleries and everything, i get the same problem. any help or thoughts? i need a solution ASAP. thanks in advance!

Re: gallery not showing up

A bit more detective work needed here.

Have you run the svManager server compatibility test on the new server?

Are you using the same browser to look at the working gallery and the non-working gallery?

Create a new test gallery on the new server using svManager and upload a couple of images.

Is the gallery.xml file there inside the gallery folder? Take a close look at the contents of the gallery.xml file. Compare it with the standard format on the Airtight web site or compare it with one of the working gallery.xml files on your other server. Anything strange there? If there is anything puzzling you can post the file contents on the forum.

Look at the test gallery in a browser. Do a 'view source' and compare it with the source for a working gallery. Anything odd here?

Look over the new gallery with ftp . Are the image and thumbnail files actually there inside the gallery folder?

Compare the names of the files inside your test gallery folder with the files in a working gallery – anything missing?


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: gallery not showing up

thank you for the quick replay.

i have done the compatibility test, all ok.

i am using the same browser, and i have tried multiple browsers to test.

i have been creating new galleries on the old site no problem.

the gallery.xml file is in the correct place and it's contents look exactly the same as the old ones.

a view source on both the old and new galleries also look exactly the same as does everything in the ftp.

it's very odd (obviously) haha.

i even tried to do it the old school way and not use svmanager at all and create the gallery manually, i get the same result.

the gallery is there in svmanager. all the images and thumbs are shown in the images or sort buttons. and it is in the gallery index. it is just when i try to view the gallery that it doesn't show. the loader bar goes but none of the photo boxes or anything show up after that, just a blank screen (or the little simpleviewer button down at the bottom).

i've tried deleting it all and reinstalling it and recreating the galleries about 5 times already, and im ready to pull my hair out. any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated. thanks again!

i'll keep trying on my end too.

Re: gallery not showing up

ok, i just installed it on a 3rd site to test out and it seems to work fine.

the old site that works and the new one i'm trying to get to work are 2 seperate domains on the same server. does that have anything to do with it perhaps? i can't imagine why. but who knows?

Re: gallery not showing up

Yep – certainly very odd. I'll keep thinking but how about searching and/or posting on the SimpleViewer forum, since it seems to be more of a SimpleViewer problem than an svManager problem.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: gallery not showing up

i'll try it out on the simpleviewer forum.
thanks a bunch for your help!
i'm sure its something so obviously simple! haha. it always is.