Topic: Questions before purchasing Autoviewer Pro

I am a photographer, and not at all a programmer. I would love to utilize Autoviewer Pro for my website, but a little hesitant to purchase. I've already implemented the free version of autoviewer into my website, but would like to now step it up and fully customize my autoviewer. In these forums, I have not found the information I need to customize Autoviewer Pro. An example would be this, www dot beglob dot com/test.php . I want to be able to do the same captioning. If the support team can help me do this, I will buy Autoviewer Pro.



Re: Questions before purchasing Autoviewer Pro

Hi, for that example it looks like the captions have been customized by modifying the Flash ActionScript. These kind of modifications require Flash scripting knowledge.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.