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Hey everyone...hoping someone can help.  I searched through previous topics and there wasn't anything about this...

When I created my gallery in SimpleViewer, my thumbnails look great (sized at 45x45).

Now I put them into a table on an html page already created and they are much larger.

What happened?????  I'm really hoping I'm just being braindead right now and missing something obvious.

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Hi !

I have the same problems,



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I wonder...when i first created the initial gallery, I used Porta.  Then I took those images, thumbnails and xml files to my simpleviewer folder.  Wonder if that made the difference...I need to check that...

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If Porta did have something to do with it, then I don't have any idea where to start fixing it.

The thumbs are definitely at 45x45, but are now being stretched.

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I ended up going into the html index file created by Porta (not sure if you generated your gallery manually or through another program), but I ended up just editing my page (adding my logo and a navigation bar) by putting that html into the index Porta created rather than by trying to insert SimpleViewer into the page I already made.

The thumbnails were the right size when it was generated by Porta, so that seemed the quicker fix since I don't have much time to wait for replies on the board.

GREAT software - SimpleViewer is exactly what I needed.