Topic: Lightroom 2 Help!

I've got Li8ghtroom 2 and  I want to use the postcard viewer for small galleries but it allows the image to be opened with a right click!

I've looked through the various files that come with the program and I've added the


to the gallery.xml page, it is still allowing the image to be right clicked and opened.

I've also tried deleting this:

<!-- "$$$/WPG/Templates/Airtight/PostcardViewer/langOpenImage=Open Image in New Window" -->
<value>$$$/WPG/Templates/Airtight/PostcardViewer/langOpenImage=Open Image in New Window</value>

That isn't working either.

I've noticed that with the simple viewer, there is an option in Lightroom underneath the output settings dialogue with is a check box allowing you to either allow or dissallow right clicks.

Is there anyone who can help? Please, all I need is a line of code and the info of in which file to put it :)

Ps I also have: gallerymaker.xml and I've tried all I can think of with that file as well :(