Topic: embedding autoviewer pro in html template


I just bought the AV Pro and I can not figure out how to embed my AV gallery into my html web template. I have an HTML website where I want to embed the AV gallery into a table with fixed width. How do I do this??

I have allready looked at the examples in the download package, but they gave me no solution.

(I am using Adobe Lightroom...if it has any influence)

I hope someone can help me......and hopefully soon.

Thanks in advance
Klaus, Denmark

Re: embedding autoviewer pro in html template

I would suggest revisiting the examples from a different perspective. Notice that the <div id="flashcontent"...>...</div> is the "container" for the autoviewer. Just replace that div with a table structure where the <div id="flashcontent"...>...</div> is a <td id="flashcontent"...>...</td> and then, essentially, adjust the width, heights, and alignments of the table to produce the desired effects.

Re: embedding autoviewer pro in html template

Did you look at the box example? (autoviewer_pro/examples/HTML Embed/box_example/index.html in the AV-Pro download)

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.