Topic: Custome Preview Thumbnails size...

Hi to customers and devellopers of this great app  :o

I wonder if it's possible to :

- Change preview thumbnails size.

I read manual but did not find solution...
Does somebody already did it ? It is possible ? How to to it ?

Thank you very much !

Re: Custome Preview Thumbnails size...

Do you mean the thumbnails in the SimpleViewer gallery itself? You can change these but you'll need to buy SimpleViewer Pro. There is some information on this on the Airtight Web Site.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Custome Preview Thumbnails size...

(Yeah, I bought Simpler Viewer Manager and Simpler Viewer Pro)
Thanks you very much for this link ! I didn't found it... now I have all I need.

Thank you  :o