Topic: gallery not loaded the second time (embedded in Flash)

I bought the sourcecode and embedded the gallery into another Flash movie. From a menu I choose different galleries that I load into a Movieclip (just like the example that comes with the source).

The gallery section with the menu is within another movieclip (you get there via pressing a menu button called 'gallery' on the main flash timeline).

The problem that I have is as follows. The first time I go to the gallery section is without problem. I can choose all the different picture galleries from the menu and it loads the viewer with the right xml every time.

BUT...when I go back to the main page in Flash and then again choose to go to the gallery, the problem starts. When I choose one of the galleries it tries to load the viewer with the right xml into the target movieclip, but it doesn't complete. Only the first thumb is loaded correctly, the rest is not loaded anymore.

Anyone knows what the problem could be? Should I unload something (tried to unloadmovie everytime, but that doesn't solve it)? Should I reset some parameters? I have no clue!


Re: gallery not loaded the second time (embedded in Flash)

Found it.  :idea: I had to unload it at level 0. I guess a beginners mistake :-);

Thanks for reading!