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To preface my question, I am running PHP 5 on IIS 6 and I have very little PHP experience so please excuse my lack of knowledge.

I downloaded the SVM test and it was completely successful so I downloaded the svManager. After uploading the svManager folder to the exact same folder that the test succeeded from, the index.php displays just fine but as soon as I click the admin sign in link, I get a blank page. Even the source of the pace is completely blank.

I suspect this might be a problem with how I have PHP configured possibly. I've spent quite some time trying to research the answer and no solutions have worked thus far.

Please help!

Thanks in advance,

Re: Pages Not Rendering

A totally blank page with no error messages is a bit unusual.

Firstly, have you done the 'first-aid' checks in the user manual? That is:

- Check that all the files and folders have unzipped properly.
- Make sure all the files and folders have uploaded properly. Compare what is on your server with the contents of the zip file that you downloaded from the Airtight web site.
- Check the file and folder permissions (see the permissions section of the manual).

Next, look at the content of the svmanager/svmanager.php file on your server to see if it's become corrupted or truncated. If it starts and ends with <?php ?> tags and the stuff in the middle looks like it might be php code then it's probably all right.

Try to browse to some of the other svManager screens: svmanager/svmadmin.php or svmanager/svmimport.php or svmanager/svmimages.php

If all this fails then come back to the forum and I'll suggest how you can dig a bit deeper.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.