Topic: gallery.xml doesn't update

I guess (?) the answer is findable in the forum, I have searched but not found anything that will solve my problem;

My images och thumbs are generated but not displayed due to that gallery.xml won't update. The <image><filename>mypic.jpg</filename></image> is missing.

I've ran buildgallery.php from two different computers, but the problem remains. Is this problem caused by the cache?

Thanks in advance!

Re: gallery.xml doesn't update

check the FAQ, Q5: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: gallery.xml doesn't update

Thanks, I'm aware of the cache deletion. But the gallery.xml-file I'm looking at is downloaded directly from the webserver and that file is missing the tags for the most recently added files. When I add the correct image-tags the pics show up in the gallery as wanted.

Is this problem caused by the cache version?