Topic: Some pictures won´t display.

When I work on my page at home all images display fine, but when I publish and upload them to my host server, some pictures are not displaying, only some of them. All the pictures are .jpg, and edited with PS

sorry, my english is not very good

www dot burguetpiris-photographers dot com/paisajes/index dot html (it´s in spanish, but I want to show you how only some of them don´t display, I will soon upload the english version)

I also want to change the autoviewer background but I can´t find  SWFObject code line in my index.html page.

Re: Some pictures won´t display.

check the FAQ, Q3: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Some pictures won´t display.

Looking throu the file manager, on the host server, i see some images type being image/x-generic but other are text/x-generic!!! Why is that?

Sorry, my english is not very good.

Re: Some pictures won´t display.

I read all the post on the forum but didn´t look at the FAQ, sorry.