Topic: TiltViewer with PicasaWeb, working only on Firefox


I'm using TV with a php-generated XML which contains photos on picasa web.

With Firefox 3 (on Mac or PC), it does the job.
With IE7/XP or Safari, the images aren't loaded...

TV is here : wwwdotfrederique-barlasdotnet/kaleidoscope
the xml is here : wwwdotfrederique-barlasdotnet/php/PicasaTilteviewer.php

Besides, i've noticed that if an image is preloaded in IE cache, it will be displayed in TV (not with Safari).
1. I display TV => no image
2. I open an image : //lh4dotggphtdotcom/_Wz1GC8Yvp7E/SPpK_4OmOrI/AAAAAAAAAIk/NpJ-2JEap_w/150307.jpg
3. and then, I reload TV => one image

With SimpleViewer, there is no problem at all...

Any idea ? :rolleyes:

Re: TiltViewer with PicasaWeb, working only on Firefox

Problem solved.

while trying to display some thumbnails, I thought that I could use the same system to set the max size of photos for TV.

I've noticed that thumbnails and full sized image in picasa have very similar ur|.

In fact, there is only one difference : thumbnails have the /s160-c/ directory before the filename. 160 means 160px max, -c means square.

xxx/yyy/myImgage.jpg = full size image
xxx/yyy/s160-c/myImage,jpg = 160px square thumb
xxx/yyy/s640/myImage,jpg = 640px thumb, original ratio

then, i decided, in order to avoid overlapping in TS, to add /s640/ in my images ur|, and put 640 in the maxJPGSize flashvar.

and guess what... images are now display with Safari and IE !!  :shock:  8)