Topic: AutoViewer general BKG

The background from Autoviewer is gray, I would like to change it to black.
If you open my site, you see a big gray background on the left, how can I fix this?
www burguetpiris-photographers com/paisajes/indexeng html

I´ve tried using Flash but when I´m saving it I get this message:
This file will be converted from flash 8 or older format to flash cs3 format.
You will not be able to open it in a previous version of Flash.

I save it but then doesn´t work, the Publishing won´t work anymore.

I was thinking on an alternative way to change it, or if I could have a black background version.

What do you think?

Sorry, my english is not very goo.

Re: AutoViewer general BKG

I  used the Embed examples that came with AV pro, and I´ve solved the problem,

if you want to see my final web....
www dot burguetpiris-photographers dot com/paisajes/indexeng dot html