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I have installed autoviewer templates for Picasa2 and occasionally get an "Export Cancelled" error when I try to create a gallery.  It seems that it is only with some photos.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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"Me too" - using Picasa 3 beta and latest simpleviewer_picasa_template (as of Sept 2008).

Any way of helping to debug this?  Is it a particular picture that confuses the template?  How can I find out?



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Well, me too too...
I use Picasa2 2.7 the new simpleViewer swf from 11/8/2008 in the /assets folder. OS is Win Vista.
Every time I use the Folder/export HTML ... I get the dreaded 'EXPORT CANCELLED'
It's really too bad because I got the Pro version to use it with Picasa
FELIX is there a solution? :?:  :?:  :?:

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the problem happens when you try to make the size of the picture bigger than that are in your personal folder. Select a lower picture size and the simpleveiwer will now accommodate the correct size and work fine.

YOu can pick smaller than the pics in your folder, just not bigger...

hope that helped

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Also check you only have image files in your source folder. (The hidden 'thumbs.db' file on Windows can kill the export)

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.